Sunday, February 10, 2008

Desert Files - Day 4

I don't know if yesterday's post makes that much sense to anyone else. I'll probably come back to what I was talking about there later in Lent, I think. Then it might be clearer how it's related to Lent.
Evelyn's been blogging about dying to self, I was thinking about how I tend to do my best art (and non-art) when I forget about myself. I'm a type 4 (the romantic/individualist/artist) on the Enneagram, and 4s often are prone to being self-conscious. I find that I often spend a lot of time and energy trying to work myself out, and this can end up with me furiously going round and round in circles. Sometimes I end up with a churning stomach from it.
This picture's about dying to self-consciousness:

It's an homage to Tomsy (you'll know why if you've seen his recent artwork), who is also a 4, and who was at Mark's place in Auckland last time I heard from him.

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