Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Club lockout for Melbourne CBD?

Have just been reading in The Age about plans for a lockout for clubs in Melbourne's CBD ('Hoon "lockout" plan for clubs'). It would mean that after a certain time, people wouldn't be able to go into a club. That would hopefully mean that there'll be less drunk people out on the street, because they wouldn't able to go from one club to another. They tried this in Ballarat when I lived there, and it seemed to work pretty well. I'm not sure if it would work real well in Melbourne though, because like Chris Duthie (from Melbourne East Police) says in the article, if the lockout just in the CBD, the problems are likely to just move to various inner suburban areas.
It also brings to mind the five o'clock swill. There used to be a law that alcohol couldn't be served after six o'clock. (My great-grandfather John McCue, known as 'Victoria's most famous wowser', apparently supported these laws.) It was supposed to stop people from drinking too much, but it actually meant that just before six o'clock everyone would order heaps of alcohol and drink it really quickly, just before the pub closed. So you ended up with heaps of really drunk people out on the street at the same time. Could the lockout mean that everyone decides to travel between clubs just before lockout time? That would mean there'd be heaps of drunk people all out in the street at once.
What do you think?

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