Monday, September 03, 2007

Internet gelati and nappies

The Reclink Football grand final was on Thursday, so we closed Credo for the day and had lunch there. I had a gelati. EcoPaul was appalled. He doesn't like ice-cream because sometimes people put chocolate in it. So he said he wanted to take a photo of me eating it, and he wanted me to put it on my blog, so it would be Internet gelati.

(It was pretty weird gelati.)
Thursday night we looked after Oscar and Jackson, so their parents could celebrate the grand final. Oscar screamed for about two hours (he's one year old), and then smiled. After that he just cried whenever someone left the room... In the morning I had to change his nappy. (I hadn't had to change a baby's nappy since I was about 16.)

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gem said...

Well done Chris on the nappy thing. Thank God for guys that know how to that because it would have confused me.
How fun was Reclink day. Loved it.